NETGEAR - Antennekabel - R-SMA (hun) - R-SMA (hun) - 10 m

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NETGEAR's line of antennas and accessories gives you multiple options for maximizing the reach and performance of your wireless devices. Every WLAN deployment is unique. When planning a network that incorporates wireless, varying facility sizes, construction materials, distance between transmission points and physical obstructions must be accounted for. With both directional and omni-directional antennas (also referred to as range extenders), low-loss cables, mounting hardware, and other accessories, installers can customize a wireless solution that meets the requirements of even the most challenging applications.

These antenna cables offer low loss at 2.4 GHz and added flexibility for setting up access points at a greater distance from a power source. They come with reverse SMA connectors and provide a standard connection optimized for use with NETGEAR's line of WLAN antennas, and Booster/Power Injector products.
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ProduktbeskrivelseNETGEAR antennekabel - 10 m
Længde10 m
Stikforbindelser1 x R-SMA - hun
Stikforbindelser (anden side)1 x R-SMA - hun
Producentgaranti2 års garanti
Længde10 m
Stikforbindelser1 x R-SMA - hun
Stikforbindelser (anden side)1 x R-SMA - hun
Service & Support2 års garanti
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Min. driftstemperatur-40 °C
Maks. driftstemperatur75 °C