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Netzteil ATX 550W ARCTIC Fusion 550RF-EU rt. (80+)
Varenr.: [897012] / PS-550-07A01 / Arctic Cooling
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The Fusion 550F is an extremely silent and highly efficient power supply unit. With 550 watts, it is well-equipped for professional PC systems.

High Efficiency
This eco-friendly power supply unit protects the environment and saves energy costs for you as well. Even when the PC is switched off, the low standby power consumption of the Fusion 550F helps to save energy.

Quiet, Yet Powerful
For the ventilation of the Fusion 550F - a single 80mm PWM fan is enough to cool down the PSU - It is the high efficiency of the PSU and the creative thermal management that makes this possible. Since the integrated ARCTIC F8 Pro fan comes with vibration absorption mounting frame, the noise is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Safe and Reliable PSU
The Fusion 550F makes for a very reliable power supply unit for all midrange and high-end PC systems because of its 550 watt performance and up to 99% active PFC (Power Factor Correction rate).

Money saver
By using a powerful and efficient PSU, you save electricity cost every day. Taking the total cost of ownership into account (price of the product + average use over a certain time frame), Fusion 550F is one of the most attractive PSUs available in the market.